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Detroit Regional Chamber hopes ‘Let’s Detroit’ helps stop the city’s brain drain

September 25, 2018
Sept. 24, 2018

WXYZ Detroit – Channel 7

By: Syma Chowdhry

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Attracting and retaining talent in Detroit has been a big discussion over the past few years.

Michigan has great colleges and universities. Could better networking opportunities help keep some of those graduates here at home?

That’s the purpose of a new platform by the Detroit Regional Chamber.

Knowing the city better could be key in helping you professionally and personally. That’s the goal for ‘Let’s Detroit.’

Sarah Craft is the manager of Detroit Drives Degrees.

“Our goal is to help people stay here and help people find their place,” she said.

‘Let’s Detroit’ turns the city’s name into a verb. That’s good news for people who want positive action and not the “brain-drain” that occurs when graduates leave our area for other opportunities.

“Regions need talent with four-year degrees more than anything.”

‘Let’s Detroit’ is a website with a texting function that helps you get in touch with a Detroiter.

Craft explained, “If you’re downtown here for lunch, and you don’t know where to go, you could text a Detroiter through our website.”

Craft and Whitney Griffin are ambassadors that help answer some texts.

“Especially in a city like this where things are constantly evolving, and there’s so many new things happening. The best way to experience all that is to have someone to do it with and to have a group of people help you just experience and explore,” Griffin added.

The goal is to help folks expand their network to make Detroit a better place for them personally and professionally.

Craft said, “We know that you get a job based on who you know, which is awesome if you are well connected and not so great if you’re not.”

The website just rolled out last week, offering professional connections in ten different industries, like technology and healthcare.

They hope if more graduates can find opportunities and reasons to stay in Detroit, they will.

Griffin said, “Building community definitely helps people to feel like they have a place like they belong.”

‘Let’s Detroit’ is looking for more ambassadors.

To sign up, go to