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Detroit Regional Chamber Leadership Supports Traditional Transfer of Presidential Power

January 1, 1970
As leaders of Michigan businesses; Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, some who supported President Trump for reelection and some who voted for Vice President Biden, we agree that a central tenet of American democracy is the maintenance of norms that provide the stability our society is based upon. One of those critical norms is the smooth and gracious transfer of presidential power.


As business leaders, despite our different political preferences, we care deeply about preserving the principles of American democracy, strengthening the bonds of our national unity, and ensuring the stability of our society.


The turmoil and exaggerated controversy surrounding the presidential transfer of power threatens the long-term interests of American democracy, generates unfounded lack of confidence in our free and fair elections, and damages the incoming presidential administration during a time of substantial economic challenges and a global health crisis. Regardless of our individual politics, we want the incoming President to be successful on behalf of the American people.


The results of the 2020 election are clear. While some states were close, the overall result was a clear win for former Vice President Biden; including a five million-plus vote margin and a majority of the popular vote. Election officials and observers ranging from bipartisan secretaries of state of battleground states, international election observers from the Organization of American States, essentially all credible news organizations, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and others have all characterized, and even certified, the U.S. 2020 election as one executed with integrity and with no notable fraud or irregularities. America and Michigan can have confidence in the election outcome.


As business leaders, we strongly urge:

  • The formal transfer of power to the incoming President and his team begin without additional delay. We appreciate that the General Services Administration has finally moved to make transition funds and resources available for the President-elect. Now, we must see existing federal officials cooperate fully with the new President’s transition team as all past outgoing administrations have done.
  • Elected and appointed officials at all levels of government acknowledge the election of a new President and refrain from frivolous legal actions that unnecessarily seed distrust in institutions that form the basis of American society.

We congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and wish him Godspeed as America’s 46th President.

Detroit Regional Chamber Leadership,

Ryan Maibach

President and CEO, Barton Malow;

Chairman of the Board,

Detroit Regional Chamber