Steering Committee

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The Steering Committee is comprised of regional executives that will work with our internal team on decision making, program implementation, helping identify opportunities to advance the cause. Each member is committed to their own personal and professional journey to advancing racial justice. The Chamber’s Racial Justice and Economic Equity work will be organized into three workstreams:

  • Internal focus: Getting the Chamber’s own house in order. Initiatives focused on creating an even more inclusive workplace, improving our staff diversity, and examining our operations in areas such as procurement.
  • External programming: Building on and expanding the Chamber’s existing equity-focused programs, including exploring possible new programs and partnerships focused on Black-owned and persons of color-owned businesses.
  • Leveraging our regional reach and convening power: Develop a communications strategy to help businesses understand the benefits, to the region and to their business, of greater racial equity and utilize our convening strength to bring together key regional leaders for collective action.


Dennis W. Archer Jr.
CEO, Ignition Media Group;
Founding Partner, Archer Corporate Services

Committee Members:

Matt Elliott
Lane Coleman
President and Chief Executive Offficer,
Strike Group LLC
Matthew Elliott
Michigan Market President,
Bank of America
Lena Epstein
General Manager and Principal, Vesco Oil Corporation
Ronald Hall Jr., President and CEO, Bridgewater Interiors
Ronald Hall
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Bridgewater Interiors, LLC
Ken Hayward
Vice President, Special Assistant to the President for Community Relations,
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Ronia Kruse
President and Chief Executive Officer, OpTech LLC
Lisa Lunsford
Chief Executive Officer,
Global Strategic Supply Solutions
Patricia Mooradian
President and Chief Executive Officer,
The Henry Ford
Suzanne Shank
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Siebert Williams Shank & CO., LLC
Dug Song
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President, Duo Security
General Manager, Cisco
Carla Walker-Miller
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Walker-Miller Energy Services LLC