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Former Mayor Dennis Archer Speaks Against Proposed Detroit City Charter

June 25, 2021
In a press conference on Tuesday, Aug. 3, former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer urged city residents to oppose the Detroit City Charter Commission’s proposed changes to the city charter. Archer described the recommendations in Proposal P as an “imminent fiscal crisis” that would put the city back in debt and would stall the growth of the already-burgeoning business sector.

Mayor Archer joins Gov. Whitmer, Mayor Duggan, Detroit Regional Chamber President and Chief Executive Officer Sandy Baruah, and nearly 20 other leaders from around the city in opposing the changes to the city charter.

In a statement at the end of April, Sandy Baruah and the Chamber said, “After the hard-fought achievements of the Grand Bargain, we should not throw away that financial discipline only to replace it with a $2 billion hole in the city’s budget. The financial imbalance the charter revisions generate will harm the city’s ability to deliver needed services to its residents and sends a message of financial instability to current and potential businesses while risking another painful trip through bankruptcy.”

The Charter Commission is responsible for reviewing and proposing revisions to the city charter. According to state law, the Charter Commission must submit the proposed charter to the governor before appearing on the ballot. The commission seeks to place the revised charter on the August 3 ballot.

While coming out against the proposal, Archer also called on corporations, foundations, and CEOs to come together to support an economic recovery that benefited all Detroiters. The former Mayor referenced the mobilization of resources during the pandemic when over 50,000 Detroit students received free laptops as a model for finding the solutions Detroit residents need.

“We can use this moment to help people in need,” Archer said.