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Gov. Whitmer Proclaims Jan. 19 as Day of Racial Healing

January 19, 2021
LANSING, Mich. — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proclaimed Jan. 19, 2021 as the National Day of Racial Healing in Michigan, in conjunction with others throughout the United States.

“After the events over the past few weeks, we must take a hard look at the state of rising racial tensions in our country to enact change and begin healing and transformation,” said Gov. Whitmer. “We each have a role to play in changing this state and country for the better. So, today I challenge you to leave Michigan a better state than where you found it, and make Michigan a more welcoming place for all.”

“On this day, we encourage Michiganders to examine ways in which they can promote racial healing in our communities,” said Lt. Gov. Gilchrist. “This past year has reminded us that racism is not easily removed from our communities, but we must continue to work towards a more just and equitable Michigan. As we look to heal our nation through unity, our opportunity right now as leaders is to respond to this anxiety with action, to address this pain with purpose, and to recognize and restore the respect that all Michiganders deserve.”

Earlier this year, Gov. Whitmer took steps to ensure that everybody has a seat at the table by creating the Black Leadership Council and the Michigan Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities. The Governor also signed an Executive Directive recognizing racism as a public health crisis and requiring all state employees to take implicit bias training to understand the unconscious preferences we experience without intentional control and how it can impact others.

Since day one, Gov. Whitmer has been committed to using every tool at her disposal to create a more equitable and just Michigan. There is no denying the sustaining wounds this country’s history has left on racial equity systemically and socially. Observance of this day aims to encourage reflection, conversation, and action.

View the proclamation.