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Key Takeaways from Tuesday’s Metro Detroit Election

November 3, 2021
Mayor Mike Duggan convincingly won reelection for a third term in office, as voters turned out throughout Metro Detroit to cast ballots on Tuesday, Nov. 2, on municipal races and local ballot initiatives. Here are the key takeaways for business leaders on the election.

Mayor Mike Duggan Wins a Third Term

In unofficial results, Mayor Duggan won by more than 50%, with over 75% of the vote over former Deputy Mayor Anthony Adams. Duggan has prioritized his campaign on creating “One Detroit for Everyone” that would seek to revitalize neighborhoods, create affordable housing and get jobs and job training for Detroit residents.

“Mayors rarely get elected to third terms in big cities in this country. It’s a tough job,” Mayor Duggan said on Tuesday night.

The Mayor’s victory speech focused on bringing thousands of new jobs to the city by redeveloping industrial sites, continuing to invest in strategic neighborhoods, and moving beyond blight removal to beautify the city.

“We are going to get there in the next four years,” Mayor Duggan added as he specifically addressed residents who still live in blighted neighborhoods needing homes to be rehabilitated or torn down. “Detroit is going to make national headlines for the beauty that we are adding.”

Chamber Support for Mayor Duggan Makes a Difference

The Chamber has been an active supporter of Mayor Duggan since his first election eight years ago and has worked closely with him as the city emerged from bankruptcy, saw rapid investment in the downtown core, and navigated the challenges of COVID-19. Chamber President and Chief Executive Officer Sandy K. Baruah congratulated Mayor Duggan on his victory and affirmed our commitment to pushing forward a pro-growth agenda that supports people, businesses, and communities.

New Faces on City Council

The Detroit City Council is made up of nine members — two who serve at-large and seven who each represent one of the city’s seven geographical districts. The council votes on whether to approve the sale of city property, changes to city laws, city contracts, and other spending matters.

Mayor Mike Duggan counts his relationship with the City Council among his achievements as mayor, touting their cooperation and teamwork.

  • In the race for two at-large council seats, Coleman Young II finished first with 31% of the votes, and Mary Waters appears to have finished second with 27% of the vote.
  • In District 1, Councilman James Tate beat challenger Krystal Larosa in his bid for a fourth term. Tate won 74% of the votes and Larosa had 25%.
  • In District 2, Angela Calloway defeated incumbent Roy McCalister Jr.
  • Scott Benson was unopposed and won reelection in District 3.
  • Latisha Johnson defeated ML Elrick in District 4, on the east side of the city.
  • Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield ran unopposed in District 5.
  • In District 6, Gabriela Santiago-Romero won a convincing victory with 74% of the vote over Hector Santiago.
  • In District 7 Fred Durhal holds a 59 vote lead over Regina Ross in the closest race of the night.

Ballot Initiatives

  • In a victory for the Mayor, the Chamber, and good governance of the city voters rejected Proposal S, which would have changed the city charter and taken power away from Council and the Mayor in budgetary decisions.
  • Proposal R, pushed by City Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield to create a reparations task force to recommend policies to address injustices against Black residents, passed with 80 percent of votes cast.
  • Voters backed Proposal E by 61% of the vote, which reduces law enforcement for those who possess and therapeutically use hallucinogenic plants, such as magic mushrooms.

History Made in Metro Detroit Mayoral Races

Dearborn: Democratic state Rep. Abdullah Hammoud, 31, became Dearborn’s first Arab American and Muslim Mayor after besting Gary Woronchak, a 66-year-old former Dearborn Press & Guide editor and state representative with deep roots in the city.

Hamtramck: Challenger Amer Ghalib, 41, will become the city’s first Arab American and Muslim mayor Tuesday as he unseated longtime, four-term Hamtramck Mayor Karen Majewski, 66, in unofficial election results. Both are Democrats.