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Lear Playbook Provides Guidance on a Safe Workplace Post-COVID-19

April 13, 2020
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Carolyn Sauer, Senior Director, MICHauto

When will life return to normal?  That is the question on everyone’s mind as we enter our fifth week of staying home and saving lives.  And for those of us that have grown up in the automotive industry, it will be most telling when production schedules are back to three shifts per day and vehicle inventory goes back down from 95 days to our 65 to 70-day comfort zone.

Until that happens, our spirit of resilience is going strong.  This crisis may be the most significant in my lifetime, but it is not stopping the people and communities I know from coming together to figure out what to do when it is time to flip the switch.  We are taking one day at a time, accepting each new decision as it is made.  And at the same time, we are preparing our new playbook to come back stronger.

Several prominent global automotive suppliers are coming out of the slump in China with insights and lessons learned. We know that we will get back to “normal”.  But what will that look like and when will it happen?  Lear recently published their “Safe Work Playbook”, with some insights into health, safety and social distancing that will become the new norm as workspaces are marked and people refrain from pointing heads toward each other while talking in a line. Yes, this is a real recommendation on page 28.

I would further speculate that these changes will become interwoven in our daily lives:

  • Working remotely will not only be more widely accepted but encouraged.
  • Going to work or school feeling ill will be largely rejected, even scorned, by society.
  • Family and work-life “balance” challenges continue as the home becomes our office and our kids’ school.
  • Face masks will become available in multiple colors and prints to coordinate with daily attire and our business casual migrates to just plain casual.
  • We will be cleaner, safer and better prepared for the next race to come.

Lear Publishes Interactive Safe Work Playbook on

Lear Corporation, a global automotive technology leader in seating and e-systems, is making available to all organizations its Safe Work Playbook, a newly created interactive guide offering potentially helpful practices for health and safety procedures, cross-functional teamwork, operating discipline and training for employees in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.