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Mask Up Michigan Pledge

March 9, 2020

Take the Pledge: Keep Businesses Open

The Detroit Regional Chamber is launching the #MaskUpMichigan pledge to ensure businesses can remain open by encouraging widespread face-covering in public. Our goal is to ensure businesses stay open. Until COVID-19 is under control, businesses and their customers will struggle; governments will have little choice to impose restrictions and customers will continue to hesitate to venture into the economy, and ultimately the economy and employment will suffer.

As public health experts have recommended, the most effective step society can take to stem the tide of the virus is to wear a face mask anytime and every time we are in public – especially when indoors.

Businesses and individuals can take #MaskUpMichigan pledges below. Be sure to share your pledge on social media.
By signing the pledge you will also be added to the list below.

View a list of those who have joined the Chamber to #MaskUpMichigan

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