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#MPC22 | Mackinac Policy Conference 2022 | MichAuto, Glenn Stevens

July 1, 2022
Chris Holman speaks with Glenn Stevens, Executive Director, MichAuto, from Media Row, at the Grand Hotel, while at the 2022 Mackinac Policy Conference.

MichAuto Strategic Agenda For The Mackinac Policy Conference
MichAuto stakeholders and staff are headed to the Detroit Regional Chamber’s 2022 Mackinac Policy Conference with a game plan and strategic agenda to raise awareness of the automotive and mobility industry’s most pressing issues. In an era of routine global disruption and cutthroat competition for talent, our economic development and political leadership need to position Michigan’s signature industry to win for the future.

While at the Conference MichAuto stakeholders and staff will advocate that Michigan take the following actions to ensure a path for long-term growth and prosperity for the automotive and mobility industry.

  1. Build the Talent Pipeline: Michigan must secure the high-tech talent pipeline to develop, retain, and attract the knowledge economy jobs and the people to fill them.
  2. Strengthen the Business Climate: Cultivate a stronger startup and mobility business climate through competitive incentives and minimal regulation to attract game-changing economic development projects.
  3. Champion the Electrification Revolution: Lead the nation in the electrification revolution by deploying a more economically competitive power grid, building out the state’s EV charging infrastructure, and securing more electric battery production and recycling facilities in Michigan.
  4. Invest in Communities: Prioritize funding for infrastructure, recreation, broadband, educational, and cultural assets to strengthen placemaking across the state to ensure there are an abundance of premier destinations to live, work, and play.