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Statewide Chambers of Commerce Send Memo Advocating for ‘Good Jobs in Michigan’ to Michigan Senate

December 4, 2020
The Detroit Regional Chamber with support from chambers of commerce around the state sent a memo to the Michigan Senate, advocating for the reauthorization of the Good Jobs for Michigan program. The Chamber has long supported this program as a key tool in building Michigan’s workforce and long-term economic prospects. Making efforts to bolster the state’s talent pipeline, especially under the complex challenges posed by COVID-19, will better position Michigan for the recovery it needs to continue moving the economy forward.

Download the full letter or view it below.

The economic recovery from COVID-19 requires a multi-faceted approach built on our economy’s fundamental strengths and continuing proven policies that have helped businesses bounce back from tough times. It will also require renewed focus and investment to address challenges the state faced prior to the recession like our crumbling infrastructure and talent gap. While policy makers balance those priorities, there are still opportunities that require Michigan to have competitive incentives to beat out other states and allow our economy to reach its full strength as soon as possible.

In 2017, the Legislature passed, and then-Governor Snyder signed, the Good Jobs for Michigan program. Good Jobs for Michigan is a performance-based incentive program that provides benefits to the recipients once they deliver on the promised positions. The jobs are high-paying roles that either meet or exceed the average wages of the region in which they are created. Furthermore, the program was created in such a way that areas large and small, urban and rural, can benefit. The program works because it does not give advantage to one part of the state or one economic sector at the expense of others.

Good Jobs for Michigan expired at the end of 2019. As we face economic crisis at the close of 2020, now is the time to bring it back. Michigan is going to need every available tool at its disposal to help accelerate our economy, including this program. We encourage the Senate to pass Bill 492 quickly so that the House of Representatives can take it up for consideration before the end of the year. As the pandemic creates increased economic strife, time is of the essence.