Airport Traveler Throughput

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Detroit Metropolitan Airport Total Passengers

Detroit Metropolitan Airport experienced a greater than 100% increase in total passengers in the month of August 2021 compared to the same month last year. In August 2020, 1,024,285  passengers utilized the airport, while in August 2021, 2,435,592 passengers either passed through or arrived in Detroit via the regional airport.

Cargo volumes increased 3.0% year over year for the month of August. More than 907,000 more pounds of cargo were handled by the airport in August compared to a year ago. Air freight, which constitutes the largest volume of cargo at the airport, increased from 30.0 million pounds in August 2020 to 30.9 million pounds in August 2021. Air mail increased from 4.1 million pounds in August 2020 to 4.2 million pounds in August of this year.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) is Michigan’s largest airport and one of the world’s leading air transportation hubs with more than 1,100 flights per day to and from four continents. Wayne County Airport Authority drives economic activity in the Detroit region, employing more than 86,000 individuals with an annual economic impact of 10.2 billion.

U.S. Airport Traveler Throughput

Traveler traffic increased 173% in August 2021 compared to August 2020. Total TSA traveler throughput reached 57.4 million in August 2021 compared to 21.0 million in August 2020. Pre COVID-19, traveler traffic reached 74.2 million in August 2019, 16.7 million more travelers compared to 2021.

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