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A Thank You To U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider for his Service

February 8, 2021

True public servants work to transcend partisan opinions and act as guardians to civic virtues and the laws of a free society. Throughout his service to our state and nation, outgoing U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider has been a model public servant and is worthy of our recognition upon his recent resignation from his appointed post.

As U.S. Attorney, he was the chief federal law enforcement official in the Eastern District of Michigan, which spans 34 counties across all lower Michigan from our southern border to the tip of the mitten. Like the region he served, his work too has been similarly vast.

He has been challenged on several occasions since his appointment in 2018, ranging from several public and private sector anti-corruption cases, to the conviction of international terrorists, and most recently the investigation of six individuals alleged to have conspired in the kidnapping plot of our governor.

Prior to this most recent federal role, he served President George W. Bush as Senior Advisor and Assistant General Counsel in the Office of Management and Budget. Here at home, he has been Chief of Staff and General Counsel for the Michigan Supreme Court, Chief Deputy Attorney General for the State of Michigan, and Chief Legal Counsel for the Michigan Attorney General’s office.

George Washington, struggling to maintain the morale of his army, asserted that “every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country.” Matthew Schneider, in role as U.S. Attorney and other posts, has certainly lived up to General Washington’s creed. The Detroit Regional Chamber was proud to support his nomination as U.S. Attorney, thanks him for his public service and wishes him well in his new role at Honigman LLP.

Thank you, Matthew.

Sandy K. Baruah

President and Chief Executive Officer

Detroit Regional Chamber