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Paul Glantz Shares a Behind the Screen Look at Leadership at Emagine Theatres

Paul GlantzWhen Emagine Theatre President and CEO Paul Glantz was growing up, his parents instilled in him the important value of unconditional love, a value that stuck with the local business leader throughout his professional journey and remains a key part of Emagine Entertainment’s core principles.

“The main reason I am here today is because of the unconditional love of my parents,” said Glantz. “Giving unconditional love is the most important thing we can give to upcoming generations.”

On Wednesday, during the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Inside the CEO Mind Series, Glantz shared a number of personal stories and anecdotes regarding his upbringing and how they impact his approach to business to more than 50 guests at his downtown Royal Oak theatre.

Emagine Theatre has grown from a one-screen theatre in Birch Run to a luxury company with nine theatres across the state. Celebrating that success, Glantz announced that the Michigan-owned and operated theatre will open a new location in Illinois.

With a culture influenced by Glantz’s upbringing and parents, Emagine Entertainment Inc. and its employees are constantly attempting to improve the customer experience by keeping hospitality and genuine care as pillars of business. Despite the rise of in-home entertainment companies, Glantz expressed confidence in the movie-goer experience and takes the personal challenge of protecting the mystic and nostalgic feeling that comes with the big screen, movie popcorn and trailers.

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