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Watch: Physical Return and Work Reimagined

May 11, 2020

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Is your business prepared for work reimagined? A number of considerations must be taken to ensure a safe return-to-work environment. EY Detroit’s Angie Kelly, Scott Mullan, and Sean Wessman joined the Detroit Regional Chamber in a restart webinar to discuss what steps businesses should take for returning to work.

Businesses need to also consider how the impacts of COVID-19 will transform the way we work and do business in the long term. Organizations are faced with a new duality of safely transitioning people back to physical locations while reimagining the future of work and business. With the right approach, organizations can position themselves to manage the safe transition and transform for the future.

Steps to a Successful Return

EY outlined three critical phases for businesses coming out of COVID-19:

  • Respond and adapt: Slow the spread and enable safe operations
  • Transition: Evolve COVID-adjusted work experience and reopen, timeline depends on external factors
  • Emerge: “Next Normal,” reimagine how and where we work

In order to succeed beyond restarting your businesses, embrace the transition and transformation your company undergoes. While others are simply returning to work, take this as an opportunity to emerge stronger.

A Holistic Approach

Companies shouldn’t just pick an app for contact tracing. Businesses should develop and deploy a holistic approach to health and safety that encompasses multiple methods. EY describes below the elements that companies’ health and safety plans should include.

  • Identify disease: Leverage self-reporting of symptoms, diagnoses, and testing to rapidly identify employees who are sick
  • Respond: Mitigate impact by deploying targeted interventions, validating quarantine, capturing test results, evaluating impact
  • Evolve: System continues to evolve to meet changing needs based on environmental context and technology improvements
  • Technology: Deploy a mobile app and wearables for employee contactless reporting, contact tracing, self-screening, and self-certification
  • Trace: Use technology and tracers to determine the impact of infected individuals to your other employees and customers

Screen Employees

Before jumping to contact tracing, step one is asking how your employees feel today and evolving from there. Asking simple health screening questions to employees regularly can help determine the next steps. EY provides example questions for employees below:

  • How do you feel right now?
  • Can you report where you are currently?
  • Where have you been in the last 14 days?
  • Where in the office were you, and when?
  • How close to others have you been and for how long?

Who should listen in?

Businesses of all industries.


Angie Kelly, Office Managing Partner, EY Detroit
Scott Mullan, America’s Physical Return and Work Reimagined Leader and Principal, Advisory Services, EY Detroit
Sean Wessman, America’s Physical Return and Work Reimagined Command Center Leader and Principal, Advisory Services, EY Detroit

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